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Estate Planning

Comprehensive Estate Planning And Administration Services

Estate planning describes a broad and significant area of legal representation. In most cases, an estate plan involves creating, implementing and defending wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, and other planning documents.

Estate planning documents are useful because they can:

  • Determine how your assets will be used and distributed if you become incapacitated or die.
  • Set parameters for your medical care so that you won’t be kept on life support or receive other extraordinary treatments to prolong your life unnecessarily.
  • Enable you to set aside money for yourself or your spouse or partner if one of you needs expensive nursing care.
  • Protect your assets and property during your life and for your heirs after your death.

These are just a few of the options available from today’s powerful and flexible estate plans. The options they can provide are as far-reaching as your ideas. We invite you to inquire with us to learn more.

Estate Planning Tools

At Buchler and Buchler in Metairie, Louisiana, we help individuals and families plan for the future using the tools of estate planning. Our experienced estate planning attorneys have decades of practical experience in this area of law.

Features of your estate plan might include:

  • Wills that identify your heirs and determine how your assets are apportioned after you die
  • Trusts, including special needs trusts, to preserve your assets for specific purposes during your life or after your death
  • Durable powers of attorney appointing a representative to perform as your agent to manage your finances and assets if you become incapacitated
  • Living wills defining the parameters of your medical care if you become incapacitated or are near death
  • Health care proxies appointing a physician or other representative to manage your health care

We can help you devise a diversified and comprehensive estate plan designed to accomplish your financial and personal goals. In doing so, we can provide clarity during the probate/succession process, reducing the potential for a will contest or other protracted probate litigation.

Experience And Guidance In Louisiana Succession

Succession is the process used in Louisiana for settling a deceased person’s estate and distributing the property after debts are paid. It is often referred to in other states as “probate.”

If your family member passed on without a will, our lawyers can help you navigate the succession process successfully. We can meet with the family, and take the time to understand the family history, the marital status and relationships of the various parties. Once we have a clear picture of the estate, its heirs, its assets and its liabilities, we can work within the established succession process to settle an estate.

Succession can be complex, especially when property, money, business interests and other assets are involved. We can help you unravel the knots of succession while remaining respectful of the delicacy of your situation. Retain us, and we will gather all the facts and explain your options, including their monetary impacts, in order to help you make an informed decision.

Depending on circumstances, we may need to go to court. If your situation is particularly complex, we can recommend financial experts and other specialists who can provide valuations for property and help identify ownership of assets.

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