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Succession And Estate Administration

Help With Estate Administration And Succession In A Difficult Time

After someone passes away, their assets and property will pass to family members and other loved ones. First, however, comes estate administration and succession. Both processes may involve complex legal steps, lots of paperwork and even court appearances.

In this emotional and difficult time, Buchler and Buchler, LLC, can help executors, fiduciaries, beneficiaries and interested parties navigate any and all legal steps. With nearly 70 years in practice, we take pride in helping our clients with every single aspect of estate administration and succession.

What Are The Two Types Of Succession?

In Louisiana, succession is the process in which the court distributes a deceased person’s estate. Other states refer to this as probate. Our state has two forms of succession: unadministered and administered.

  • Unadministered: This is the most common form of succession. As long as all heirs accept the last will and testament or the estate is fairly simple, an executor is not necessary.
  • Administered: This is more complex. If there is an issue with the will, including will contests, then the state appoints a representative who handles estate administration.

As an experienced succession firm, Buchler and Buchler, LLC, can handle either form of succession, no matter how simple or complicated the estate is.

When Disputes Arise, We Can Go To Court.

We understand that some estate disputes require litigation. Whenever possible, we try to resolve legal challenges out of court. This can save precious time, money and effort. However, our attorneys have extensive experience at trial. If we feel that it is necessary, we will not hesitate to litigate your case.

Seek Help For All Estate Needs

Buchler and Buchler, LLC, is here in Metairie to represent you in this often difficult and emotional time. Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your legal needs. You can reach us by calling 504-541-9020, or you can send us an email.